Why “The Breakfast Club” radio is over

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It appears that The Breakfast Club, a well-known hip-hop radio program, may be finished

The Breakfast Club with a New York City-based air in more than 80 locations across the country

The program debuted in December 2010 and has gained popularity for its rap artist interviews

From Soulja Boy’s famous “Drake?” meme to Kodak Black donning a ski mask for his interview in 2018, the show has produced several viral moments

The co-host of “The Breakfast Club,” Angela Yee, announced on Twitter that “the breakfast club as you know it is officially over.”

A few minutes before the major event, Angela tweeted, “GOD is wonderful!”

Additionally, there has been nothing formally updated on the subject of the socials of “The Breakfast Club.”

Speaking about the reason the well-liked radio program is ending, Angela withheld the details

There have been some suspicions that the co-hosts don’t get along, but nothing concrete has ever been shown

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