What Anime Does Anos Voldigoad Come From?

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What Anime Does Anos Voldigoad Come From?  The main character, Anos, is a reincarnation of a demon king who begins his quest in a school called Delsgade where future demon kings are trained. Anos and Misha get to know one another as fresh high school pupils. Anos, however, is more powerful than a typical demon. He possesses the power to murder and raise the dead. With the use of the demon king’s power, Anos, who is only a month old, has aged himself to seem younger.

Anos is forced to deal with some royals who decided to kill people with powerful magic as a result of this conflict. Because Anos’ magic isn’t constantly tortured by theirs, Leorg and Zepes embarrass themselves by employing their own, less potent magic. Anos, the Demon King, agreed to give himself up 2000 years ago. The chronicles of the Demon King have been greatly altered nowadays.

In high school, Anos meets Sasha, the arrogant sister of Misha who also happens to be the Fund of Years. Given that Miha and Sasha are unable to love each other too much for the reasons that were subsequently revealed, Anos appears to be one of those overpowering, unstoppable adversaries at this point. As part of the contest against Anos, Sasha is also eliminated. Let’s learn more about Anos Voldigoad and identify the anime that Anos Voldigoad is from.


He is a powerful demon from the Magical Age who gave his life to split the arena into four sections. He is currently attending the Demon King Academy to learn what has changed since 2000 years ago. He rose to fame during the Mythical Age for his brutality and vigour. The guy known as the Demon King of Tyranny 2,000 years ago is Anos’ reincarnation. He is steadfast, unyielding, and unstoppable.

His imposing persona inspires a level of self-assurance that can only be matched by manipulating his ego. Anos has a strong view on life and an unbreakable attitude of endurance because of his powerful presence. Despite being known as the Demon King, Anos is a classy and unsettling commander. He cares about the health of both his own family and his followers, and he shows this concern by giving loyal admirers prizes.

His surroundings might think he’s brutal, but he rejects the idea of murdering people without a good cause. Despite his claims, Anos is incredibly protective of his fellow fans and subordinates. Despite using unusual tactics to defeat his enemies, Anos has come to be known as the Demon King. Despite the fact that he hasn’t formally taken the name, the rest of the arena views him as such.

Those who oppose him are terrified of the power he possesses and feel frightened by the very notion of one person possessing the kind of name. Even the urban rumour that he can persuade others to take action by merely looking at them isn’t just a myth. Many people go frantic just thinking about being controlled by his magical sight.


The anime series “The Misfit of Demon King Academy” features Anos Voldigoad. It is heavily influenced by a Japanese manga collection that Shinji Hashimoto wrote and drew. The story focuses on Tasuku Kasuga, a high school student who doesn’t love partying and prefers to hang out with his buddies, especially his childhood buddy Mako. One day, Tasuku witnesses a demon king call forth a large, bloody dragon before him and is immediately whisked away to another world.

He is told that in order to return to his world, he must beat the demon king, and that the only way to do it is to train to get stronger instead of going through a difficult rite of passage. Then he travels to the demon king’s castle to give a lesson. Masao Kumaki served as the director of the anime collection, which was made with the help of Shaft, an anime studio. Between October 2007 and March 2008, Fuji TV first aired the collection.


Addicts can watch “ The Misfit of Demon King Academy ” anime on Crunchyroll, and Netflix. 

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