The first season of House of the Dragon is only broadcast on HBO, so as long as you have a subscription, the only place you can watch brand-new episodes online is on HBO Max.

While an HBO Max membership with advertisements costs $9.99 per month, an HBO Max plan without ads costs just $14.99 per month.

You won't regret spending the few extra dollars for the ad-free plan if you want to stream House of the Dragon and other shows on the site without interruptions.

You can watch House of the Dragon and the first eight seasons of Game of Thrones online with your HBO Max subscription.

House of the Dragon is not presently available to stream for free on HBO Max, but the service is launching a new promotion that will allow you to save money on your membership.

Can fans anticipate a second season of the popular franchise now that the highly anticipated first season has actually arrived? HBO has yet to formally confirm anything.

However, the Hollywood Reporter claims that if the show's first-season ratings are good enough, they will "very quickly" approve a second season.

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