Spoilers from Never Have I Ever season 3 finale!

Never Have I Ever season 3 has finally arrived, and it’s one of the most pivotal seasons yet for Devi and her friends

In the third season, Devi achieves her dream of becoming Paxton’s girlfriend, but when she sees the response to their relationship at school

When Devi learns that she has been offered a spot at the advanced Shrubland School, in Colorado,  she’s immediately against the idea of moving away from home

However, when her mother forces her to visit the school and consider the option, she’s swayed in the other direction

Devi sees the impact attending the school could have on her future, by being challenged in her classes

After thanking Paxton for helping her get through her dad’s death and watching him hug his own father after graduation, Devi reflects on her life on the walk home

She realizes she spent so much time focusing on the future and fitting in that she sort of neglected relishing in the present

Devi will not be moving to Colorado to attend the Shrubland School in Never Have I Ever season 4

She will stay in Sherman Oaks and finish out her senior year with her best friends

But we could be seeing Devi venturing to Arizona to visit Paxton at college, as per his invitation

Devi’s relationships with Paxton and Des both come to an end before the season 3 finale of Never Have I Ever

We probably won’t be seeing much more of Des, but Devi and Paxton end things on great terms and look to remain close friends