Reactions To The Bad Mac Jones News in the NFL

According to reports, Mac Jones and the New England Patriots offence are having trouble during Tuesday's practise.

"This is awful, man. The summer's most troubling offensive tactic, "According to Patriots writer Andrew Callahan. Jones 7/17 following the INT of his two-minute exercise.

Naturally, with the departure of veteran offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, supporters are a little worried about the status of the offence.

NFL analyst Matt Verderame stated, "The Pats' offence has sounded like a full dumpster fire all summer.

While the majority of supporters are concerned about the start of the season, some continue to have faith that Jones and the team will succeed.

The Patriots are under pressure, but that's alright. 1. It is a custom. 2. Because of a day like today, they'll improve.

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