Nikki Bella slapping Dolph Ziggler on Total Divas - WWE

On a January 2016 edition of WWE Total Divas, Dolph Ziggler tried to kiss Nikki Bella again. This moment will forever be remembered.

For those who don't know, Total Divas is a WWE and E-produced reality programme that follows the female superstars of the organisation through their daily life.

The programme examined the actors' interactions with other cast members, leading to some genuinely unforgettable moments.

Six years ago, Dolph Ziggler attempted to kiss Nikki Bella backstage at a Raw performance, which was one of those moments.

The scene, which you can watch in the video below, was taped in April 2015 but appeared in a Total Divas episode that was released in January 2016.

Fundamentally, Cena didn't want to get married and have kids, but Nikki had always desired to do so.

Dolph eventually made an attempt to kiss Nikki, but she rebuffed him and slapped him instead, making for a very entertaining clip. She then turned around and left, claiming she was thinking more about the WWE Superstar.

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