NFL decides on Aaron Donald's potential punishment

A fight between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams started earlier this afternoon

This week's combined practices took place just a few months after the two teams faced off in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, a melee broke out, and things became violent

Aaron Donald, a prominent defensive lineman, was seen on camera swinging a pair of helmets at Bengals players during the melee

The football community instantly advocated for Donald to be suspended, much like Myles Garrett was in 2019 for his actions against the Pittsburgh Steelers

That won't be happening, according to the most recent revelation from NFL insider Josina Anderson

"Club manages, thus the league stays out of it. been that way forever, "She was purportedly informed by a league source

After hitting quarterback Mason Rudolph of the Pittsburgh Steelers with his helmet after ripping it off, Garrett was given an indefinite ban that cost him the final six games of the 2019 campaign