Million Dollar Listing Star Matt Altman's Wife Johanna Arrested

The wife of Los Angeles-based Matt Altman from Bravo's Million Dollar Listing was detained earlier this month.

A representative for the Los Angeles Police Department confirms to PEOPLE that Johanna Altman was detained and charged with felony domestic violence on August 4. Upon posting a $50,000 bond, she was freed.

The booking document from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department shows that Johanna, 40, was then incarcerated in Van Nuys, California, at 9:30 p.m. The following morning, around 4:30, she was let go.

When PEOPLE asked an Altman family spokesperson for comment, they did not react right away.

Matt, 44, was questioned about the event and revealed to Page Six of The New York Post, which broke the news of the arrest first, that Johanna's father recently passed away from COVID-19, which "has been very terrible to her and our entire family."

We have all been dealing with this loss and going through a difficult time, he continued.

"Since this tragedy, we have never been more in love and united. Please respect our right to privacy "Matt said.

Johanna uploaded an Instagram picture on Tuesday after the news of her arrest broke, stating that she and her husband were "only becoming stronger."

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