Lady Gaga confirms she will star in 'Joker'

Lady Gaga has hinted at her part in the upcoming "Joker" sequel while performing on stage at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards on April 3 in Las Vegas.

It's hard to keep a poker face with this "Joker" sequel news

Lady Gaga has announced she will star alongside Joaquin Phoenix in the upcoming sequel to "Joker."

The 2019 movie's co-writer and director Todd Phillips originally announced "Joker: Folie à Deux" back in June.

The new movie's scheduled release date was disclosed by Gaga in her musical teaser, which is set for October 4, 2024.

No information was given concerning her function. However, earlier this summer, Variety claimed Lady Gaga had been in discussions to play Harley Quinn in a musical sequel.

The movie "Joker" was a box office success and gave actor Joaquin Phoenix his first Oscar for playing the main role.