Facts about alcohol that will shock you

Alcohol causes the brain to release dopamine, a chemical linked to pleasure and fulfilment. That explains why people feel so good after a few drinks.

For women, binge drinking is defined as four or more drinks in two hours. It takes five drinks or more for guys in just two hours. An increased risk of breast cancer and psychological disorders are some detrimental outcomes.

It might be time to consider alternatives to opening a drink after work to unwind. Every night consumption of one or two cans can cause memory loss and brain atrophy.

Studies have found that drinking a moderate amount of white or red wine can lower the risk of developing a cold.

Muscles absorb alcohol faster than fat. This means that people who have more muscles and less body fat have a higher alcohol tolerance.

Research has found that those with a blood alcohol content of 0.075 percent were better and faster at solving problems, such as furniture assembly instructions or crosswords. So next time, grab yourself a beer!

A night of drinking will most likely result in diarrhoea in addition to increased urination.