California Will No Longer Sell Gas-Powered Cars

In terms of its position on its commitment to participate in the worldwide transition to electric vehicles, California is making a strong signal

By the year 2035, the state intends to outright prohibit the sale of new gas-powered vehicles

This action could act as a model for other states to imitate in its place

In the upcoming days, further information about California's complete ban on gas-powered vehicles is anticipated

However, the material at hand points to a staged phase-out of gas-powered vehicles

The California Air Resources Board wants 35% of all newly purchased passenger automobiles to have zero emissions by the year 2026

By 2030, it wants to almost double that percentage, to 68%. By the agency's target year of 2035, that requirement would be increased to 100%

The audacious initiative by California to completely phase out all gas-powered vehicles in the state is significant for a number of reasons