A Life-Size Aston Martin DB5 Made of Nearly 350,000 Legos Is on Display in London

What better way to celebrate the revamp of London’s main Lego store than with a life-size model of the famous Aston Martin DB5?

The recently reopened Leicester Square shop has a slew of special exhibits currently on display, including a stunning recreation of James Bond’s vehicle of choice

The brick-made DB5 may not be capable of everything its big screen counterpart can do, but that doesn’t make the vehicle any less impressive

A lot of time and effort were put into the Lego store’s Aston Martin

The entire model consists of 347,954 bricks and took an expert team of builders 1,366 hours (or the equivalent of nearly 57 days) to complete

The London-based newspaper Metro reports that the giant toy car weighs one imperial ton, which works out to 2,240 pounds

Standing next to the vehicle is a nearly life-size version of the company’s iconic minifig outfitted just like the superspy

The Lego DB5 also has some working parts. It’s not as detailed as one of the company’s Technic models but it does feature working headlights and an illuminated instrument panel

Our favorite detail is one that will be familiar to anyone who’s seen any of the car’s eight appearances in the beloved spy franchise—a rotating license plate