Apple's M2-powered MacBook Air is $100 off at Amazon

Apple's MacBook Air M2 is the best version of the notebook to date

It would make a solid daily driver for anyone, from college students to working professionals

One of the few downsides is that the M2 laptop is more expensive than its predecessor, but now you can grab one for $100 less than usual from Amazon

The online retailer has the 256GB MacBook Air M2 in starlight for $1,099, which is the best price we've seen since launch

The latest MacBook Air actually has a slightly different design than previous models

Apple managed to increase the side of the Liquid Retina screen to 13.6 inches by shrinking the surrounding bezels, and while that's only a third of an inch bigger than previous displays, it has a more expansive feel

It also has the relatively new top notch that holds the machine's webcam

On top of that, you're getting improved speakers and a handy MagSafe power adapter in the Air M2's new design