The most recent thriller on Netflix is essentially Taken and John Wick

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The first teaser for Netflix’s upcoming movie Lou is up, and Taken and John Wick comparisons are already being made by viewers. In the film, Allison Janney plays a lady attempting to move on from her past who becomes involved in the search for the person responsible for the kidnapping of her neighbor’s daughter.

The trailer begins with Janney’s heroine struggling to move on from a mystery incident while leading a secluded life with her dog. She states in a voiceover, “I wish I could claim that some good came from what I did, but in reality, I left the world a more hazardous place. Sounds menacing…

However, when her neighbor’s small girl is taken hostage in the middle of a storm, she is immediately forced back into the vigilante life. They go on a quest to discover the culprit when the mother of the girl (Jurnee Smollett) requests for her assistance. The two-minute short is action-packed since it appears like Janney’s Lou will do anything to win the young girl back.

Netflix subscribers are anxiously anticipating the new picture, and first comments to the teaser have prompted many similarities to previous action movies. One person’s YouTube caption said, “Allison Janey getting her John Wick on.” “My favourite. I wish she were cast in more such parts.” Another person saw Taken vibes and added: “What if Allison Janney replaced Liam Neeson? Please, yes!”

A third person said, “This movie seems very excellent and engaging.” “It’s basically a variation on the Taken movie, where a parent would stop at nothing to find her child.” Another person said: “Janney was the ideal choice for a post like this. She is capable of anything.” A fifth provided another similarity, adding: “So the feminine equivalent of The Old Man?”

On September 23, Netflix will release Lou. Check out our list of the top thrillers on Netflix right now while you wait.

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