Little Women – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Park Jae-sang begins Little Women episode 4 by warning In-hye that she must make a sacrifice in order to enjoy the life she desires. She questions him about the significant sacrifice he made to get Jae-sang into the upper class. It turns out to be the passing of Jae-father. sang’s

The great aunt informs her granddaughter that when she came back to Korea with her alimony settlement, she opted not to remarry and remain affluent, motivating In-joo to begin hunting for houses the following day with Hye-suk.

While Hye-suk and In-joo view an apartment owned by Hye-suk herself, Hyo-rin pays a visit to In-hye in her modest home. Hyo-rin is horrified by the condition of the Oh sisters’ current residence as she watches In-joo and Hye-suk survey the new home. In-joo is given a lesson in business by Hye-suk, who advises her to be ready to lose something in order to gain something.

In-joo has till the next morning to make a choice, according to her. Hyo-rin is in awe of In-way hye’s of life and begs her to appreciate the affection her sisters provide her, but In-hye responds by saying that she doesn’t want it. In-hye informs her sisters in a note that she would be spending the night at Hyo-house. rin’s

At-joo informs In-kyung that she feels at home in the apartment and that the middle kid is upset that her sister used stolen funds to purchase the property. In-kyung, who is racing to go someplace, does not believe In-joo when she claims that the house makes her feel comfortable.

In-joo wants to start again in order to live a better life, but In-kyung thinks that doing so would be a waste of 2 billion won. In-joo corrects her by saying that if they weren’t impoverished, they would still have their sister. In-kyung promises to give up alcohol in order to improve their life, but In-joo counters that the only way to do so is by not being in poverty.

In-kyung advises they break connections since she is a reporter who regularly criticizes criminals, despite In-assurances joo’s that she will reunite their family. In-kyung asks her older sister In-joo not to call her back, just like In-hye did to her. Kim Dal-su, the nurse who cared for the Bobae Savings Bank victim, is introduced to In-kyung.

The nurse claims that Dal-su, who had been irrational all day, was instantly soothed by Park Jae-comments. sang’s She says that although the former lawyer’s ice-cold glare frightened her, he was able to assist Dal-su in regaining consciousness prior to committing suicide. The nurse says that the lawyer may have given In-kyung the blue orchid when he inquires about it.

When Jong-ho subtly approaches In-kyung while she examines the legend around the blue orchid, he is with her. In the meantime, San-a invites In-hye to a supper and gives her a covert assignment. After doing some research on the ghost orchid, Jong-ho explains why it is also known as the orchid of death.

San-a takes Hyo-rin to a hidden greenhouse which has a tree of blue ghost orchids – which is illegal to grow due to its poisonous nature. She plucks one flower and gives it to In-hye who sniffs it immediately. She then takes the flower back and places it on the tree confusing the girl. San-a asks In-hye to draw her portrait as part of the secret mission and In-hye starts doing so in the same room.

In-kyung reads up about the flower and wonders how it could act as a sedative. In-kyung reads more about the symptoms of sniffing an orchid whereas In-hye who has just sniffed it starts feeling light-headed. In-hye asks San-a why the portrait was a secret and the latter gives an absurd response stating she only likes things that are unbeknownst to the world.

She inquires as to In-well-being, hye’s but she is now experiencing hallucinations. In-hye is now hearing voices in her brain telling her to go as In-kyung researches the deadly risks of swallowing the flower in any form. As In-hye gets erratic and passes out in the chamber, a voice in her brain cries out, “If you don’t run quicker you will die.”

San-a informs her that In-joo is exhausted after the exams as she heads to the hospital. In-joo learns at the hospital that In-hye has Luigi’s illness, which necessitates rapid surgery. In-joo is distraught and calls her sobbing mother for help.

In-joo informs In-kyung about In-condition hye’s and notes that In-seon, their departed sister, too perished from same illness. In-kyung ultimately consents to let In-joo to spend the 2 billion won because she wants to use it to save In-hye. Park Jae-sang finds out that people think well of him and that it would take time to locate the slush cash.

Soo-im discovers In-joo while she is in the yoga studio and steals some money out of her purse. She then gives In-joo the 2 billion won back. In-joo begs for at least 100 million won to help her sister, but Soo-im makes fun of her request. When Soo-im inquires about how low In-joo was willing to go for the money, In-joo advises the latter to try her best.

She informs her that In-joo must be struck ten times in a row by Soo-im in order to get 100 million won, and the latter accepts. After the fourth blow, In-joo falls to the ground, and Soo-im begins hitting her with a stick. Do-il intervenes to stop her as she prepares to strike In-joo for the sixth time.

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