Last Light – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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At the beginning of Last Light episode 5, Andy and Elena successfully transport Sam home. After putting him to sleep, a video call rings on Laura’s iPad. It is Laura who is being coerced into reading a message to Toby.

Karl has informed Andy and the MI6 that he has a list of demands and all of them must be fulfilled. If they aren’t, Laura will be killed. They have about 18 hours before the zero hour. Andy gets another call from Karl the next morning but it is a recorded message and can’t be traced. He has asked Andy to meet him at a spot and come alone. Karl explains to Laura his mission and briefs her about her father’s proclivities when they were young. He then gives a worn-out lecture on how the world has been destroyed and how only radical action – forceful in nature – can redeem it for future generations.

A group of MI6 spies is keeping tabs on Andy. He follows the directions to a bar that he and Karl used to frequent when they were college students. He receives a drink from Bill, the bartender, and an earphone through which he may speak to Karl. Once more, old pals catch up. Andy claims that Karl is insane, but the situation is now in his favor. Karl gives him orders to get off the agents’ track and find a location where his men would pick him up and deliver him to Karl. Additionally, the terrorist breaches MI6’s monitoring systems, making it more difficult for them to detect Andy’s slip. As intended, Andy loses sight of the agents and is taken across the lake by boat to where Karl is.

Cameron decides to send a team to Ash’s home to look for information when one of the agents learns his address. When they arrive at his residence, they discover a basement filled with data points and signs on environmental awareness. It demonstrates his connection to the AW and his role in the execution of the plan. They speculate that Karl’s location may be the long-abandoned Thetford Industrial Estate after one of the agents observes a football team’s poster on the wall, Thetford FC. Cameron issues the directive to carry out a strategy.

Andy, unhappy, is greeted by Karl. He immediately wants to see his daughter, to which Karl calmly replies that she is OK. He sent Andy here in order to prevent him from working on a cure for the germs, something only a select few individuals in the world are capable of doing.

The fossil fuel economy as we know it will end when the zero hour begins, which is still about five hours away. Andy is astonished to discover a full-fledged training camp being built up in the woods, even if Laura is in fact OK. It has been meticulously planned by Karl, who has also greatly extended his organization. He continues telling Andy that “their” efforts are being made.

Laura starts recording for a live stream, where Andy and Karl have a fistfight about their past. Karl says it was Andy’s idea to weaponize the bacteria, as opposed to what he said earlier. Andy was the radical one in their youth and wanted to force the world’s hands into making a change.

When Laura takes Andy’s pistol away from him, it appears as though she is turning against him, but it is later discovered that she was merely acting this way to trick Andy’s men. When Elena descends the stairs, she discovers a laptop with the Thetford FC flag displayed. Thetford Forest, where Andy and Karl used to go as students to unwind, is the true location, Elena corrects the agent when they claim they went to Thetford in New Cross.

The MI6 squad immediately relocates to the woods. Andy agrees with Laura and Karl that the resources of the planet are definitely being used up quicker than they are being restored, but this is not the way to effect change. Andy and Laura flee the area. For a little while, they are able to hide from Karl and his soldiers. However, Andy claims that they require a distraction and sends Laura to confront Karl. Karl and Andy are once more fighting at the cliff’s brink, but this time the MI6 agents intervene. Karl lives up to the phrase “even being willing to die for the cause” by shooting and killing himself. He was able to make a successful

Zero hour denotes that the bacteria’s current spread cannot be stopped. Karl’s strategy did work out well. Andy describes the effects of the demise of the fossil economy in a voice-over.

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