How to start blogging in USA 2022 | Passive income ideas in USA

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You should reconsider your position if you wish to discover how to start blogging in USA as a pastime. In fact, thousands of people have turned this industry into their full-time career in order to profit from it. Some people make $10,200 or more every month through their blogs.

If you use WordPress, it’s one of the finest ways to monetize your blog. So let’s look at how to monetize WordPress. This platform is among the finest for building websites since it is easy to use, edit, and build websites from scratch.

All you need to do is drive as much traffic to your website as you can since, as basic sense would dictate, more visitors equal more revenue. In this piece, I’ll explain how to build a blog, how to monetize it, and everything in between.

How to start blogging in USA 2022

You need to pick a niche for blog

First thing to start blogging to make money is to pick a niche. Otherwise how will everyone know what the blog is about? Pick a niche to blog about what you are most passionate about and consider blogging about that.

Because if you are not going to love what you are doing you will quit it soon. Now that you have decided a blog niche think about the next thing which is a blog name.

Sign up for a hosting account to host your blog

  • You can use BlueHost, Hostinger whatever you want. I would recommend that you use Hostinger because with one click you can install wordpress and then it is up and running you don’t have to be technical. You can even pick some themes and designs for your blogging website. And after that you need to start writing your articles. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are writing your blog.
  • First thing is if your blog is not appealing people are not going to read it
  • Outline what you are going to post before writing it
  • Do not use more than 4-5 lines per paragraph in you blog
  • Ask questions to make your audience engaged to your blog

Start monetising your blog website to start earning

You can first upload it to GoogleAdsense. Every time someone clicks on your advertisement, Google will pay you. This is a quick way to generate money from Google.
Also possible are affiliate links. There are websites that allow you to advertise your blog and services in your area in exchange for a commission for each sale you bring in for a third party. You can also try to spread as much information about your blog on your social media accounts.

You can even put ads on your blogging website and you will get paid every time someone clicks on the ad. Lastly you can sell products on your blogging website. Let’s say you have a site about fashion and they can mail you fashion related things once a month and you can charge a premium for it. That’s a quick way to make money. And if you want you can do a mix of everything from ads to affiliate marketing to selling your products. And you will notice your money has doubled in a short span of time.

How to start a blog without writing

You can create a tool website if you don’t want to keep on writing posts. These type of websites are very easy to create. Usually these type of blogs only have 1-3 pages.

Why is it important to post to a blog regularly

  • To keep audience engaged
  • To increase trust of visitors
  • To increase trust level by search engines
  • To increase speed of indexing
  • TO become more popular and viral


At last monetise your blog page as much as you will track your page is how much you will make money online. Add testimonials, make changes to your sales funnel and few other marketing changes but these are almost all the steps to make money online from blogging.

Making money blogging is really fun because you can see the changes instantly right in front of your eyes.

What is a passive income?

Passive income refers to income that does not need a significant commitment of time or money. Although most passive income ideas involve some initial resources, they should require only minimal monitoring on an ongoing basis.

There are three main types of passive income streams:

  • Investing: generating a return from investing money in saving accounts or the stock market.
  • Asset sharing: selling or renting out assets you own, such as your house or car.
  • Asset building: examples could include adding revenue-generating affiliate links to your blog or website or selling resources such as ebooks, educational content, music and photos online. 

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