How to convert photos to PDF on Mac 2023

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Your Mac may have many images you want to convert to PDF. At first, it might look like only a good third-party tool can convert photos to PDF. Well, let me tell you that a simple, native Mac app can do this job for you! Surprised? In this article, I’ll demonstrate how you can easily convert images to PDF using the Preview app and online tools on Mac.

Quick list: how to save a JPG as a PDF using a Mac.

Converting a JPG to PDF on a Mac couldn’t be easier. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the Preview app. This is the supplied image and PDF viewer on a mac. Find and open the relevant JPG file.
  2. Choose File > Export.
  3. Click the Format pop-up. Choose PDF as the file type. Here you can apply a Quartz filter or encrypt it, so only those with a password have access.
  4. Rename and save. Change the name and/or select a different location to save down your new PDF..

In detail: turning a JPG into a PDF using a Mac step by step.

 Here’s some more detail about how to convert JPG to PDF on a Mac in the simplest way.

1.    Open the file you want to convert. A scanned PDF will open directly in the software, but to use an image file it is best to Create New PDF and then import the file you need.

2.    Adobe Acrobat has many editing tools to help you to get the best out of your PDFs. These are located under the Tools > Enhance Scan.

3.    Now select the option to Recognise Text and indicate the areas of your JPG which contain writing. This could be the entire document or an individual section. You also have the option to specify the language used to help Acrobat recognise the text more easily. The software will now convert your JPG to editable text.

4.    To find errors in the conversion, select the Correct Suspects icon – this is displayed as a magnifying glass. It will highlight sections of text which have not scanned well or were difficult to read. Cycle through all the found suspects and click Done when you are finished.

5.    When you’re finished, remember to save your new PDF.

How to convert multiple images to PDF using online tool

  1. Visit the FormatPDF site to convert JPG to PDF.
  2. Click (+) Select JPG file to add images.
  3. Then click Convert to PDF.
  4. The PDF file will get downloaded automatically.
    Additionally, you can hit the Download File button again to download a copy.


Is it better to save photos as JPEG or PDF?

It is better to save images in PDF if you want to retain the maximum quality of your image. With JPEG, the quality is compressed and may lose some quality.

What image format is best for PDF?

On Mac, JPEG quality is always the best-recommended format when converting multiple picture formats to PDF.

Are PDF files bigger than JPEG?

While the file size depends upon the content, PDF files usually take up more space because they won’t compress the images. Meanwhile, JPEG format does.

Convert pictures and save quality!

While it is now easy to transfer files, the ease of using PDF is still better than any known solutions. If you have any doubts or queries regarding the same, do let me know in the comments.

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