How to add flybuys to apple wallet ? | flybuys to apple Wallet step by step guide

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How to add flybuys to apple wallet ? The wait is over, and you can now integrate your flybuys account with Apple Wallet on your iPhone. This will improve your ability to collect flybuys points aThe wait is over, and you can now integrate your flybuys account with Apple Wallet on your iPhone. This will improve your ability to collect flybuys points at fantastic stores like Liquorland, Coles, Target, and Kmart. The official launch of this feature took place on June 17, 2022. This post includes a step-by-step guide for adding flybuys to Apple Wallet.

Describe Flybuys. A loyalty program called Loyalty Pacific was launched in 1994 as a joint venture between Coles Group and Wesfarmers. Over time, many more businesses joined, and the program quickly gained popularity in the Australian market. For years, Australians have enjoyed accumulating flybuys points to use for special purchases like gifts or grocery shopping.

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How to add flybuys to apple wallet?

To add flybuys into your apple wallet of your iPhone, you need to follow below steps:

Step 1: Launch flybuys mobile app

From top right corner, Click on “My Card” option.

Step 2: Tap on “Add to apple wallet” Button

When you click on “Add to apple wallet” flybuys will get added to your apple wallet successfully.

Step 3: Launch apple wallet app On your iPhone

After opening apple wallet, Click on “edit passes” by scrolling down, then next time you go for shopping don’t forgot to scan your barcode reader at any shopping terminal through your phone.

Step 4: Enjoy flybuys rewards using points

After scanning at sale terminal for the first time, your flybuys card will be added to your apple wallet.

Why can’t I add flybuys to apple wallet?

This function, which allows users to add flybuys to their Apple Wallet, was not previously accessible on the iPhone until June 2022. Simply double pressing might now earn you points instead of searching for the FlyBuys app on your iPhone here and there. The following are the main reasons why you can’t add flybuys to your wallet:

  1. Your device is not connected to internet or with secure internet.
  2. Your device IOS version is not compatible for this linking process.
  3. You are not logged into your flybuys app properly or using wrong credentials.
  4. Your flybuys code in invalid or blocked by the company.

As its a new feature by flybuys, so may be their are chance of some glitches. If your problem continues and you are unable to add your flybuys to apple wallet then you can simply get in touch with flybuys from here.

Does flybuys have an apple wallet?

Yes, apple wallet now has the option to link with flybuys, and iPhone customers eagerly anticipated this function. By simply double clicking the screen instead of swiping it, iPhone users may quickly and easily claim their flybuys points while waiting in line at checkout counters.


Can you add flybuys to apple wallet?

Yes, you can add flybuys in apple wallet using bellow steps:
– Open flybuys app
– Click on add to apple wallet
-Open apple wallet app and edit pass
– Enjoy colleting your flybuys points with double tab

Can you put Flybuys on Apple Wallet?

Yes you can put flybuys on apple wallet easily. Simply follow our step-by-step guide and add your flybuys to apple wallet easily and quickly without any fees.

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