House of the Dragon premiere crashes HBO Max streaming, mostly on Fire Sticks

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Since their introduction, the HBO Max streaming apps have drawn a lot of criticism, in addition to unreleased and missing material. Although they’ve always fared well under the pressure of debuts for shows like Tenet, Wonder Woman, The Matrix, or Westworld, there may never be another launch for HBO quite like a Game of Thrones one.

House of the Dragon’s launch is the first taste of a new Game of Thrones experience within HBO Max. While many viewers seeking to stream the inaugural episode are doing so without incident, others reported that the app crashed or stopped up after it advanced past the pre-show teaser video.

According to complaints posted on Twitter, Reddit, and other websites, the majority of those experiencing issues appear to be utilising an Amazon Fire TV platform or a Fire Stick. It’s unknown why that particular app would experience issues, but if you’re using it and are unable to watch, you might want to try switching if you really must witness the Targaryens engaged in combat. Another piece of advise that has been effective is to make a new profile if it’s your primary streaming device.

Chris Willard from HBO wrote in an email to The Verge that “House of the Dragon is successfully being streamed by millions of HBO Max customers this evening. We are working to find a solution for the tiny number of people who are experiencing problems while trying to connect using Fire TV devices.

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