Heroic Chronicles Of The Three Continents Chapter 19 Release Date

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This timetable is set for the publication of “Heroic Chronicles Of The Three Continents chapter 19,” a Manhwa novel. The manhwa’s release date, time, location, and general questions and answers have all been discussed.

We’ve got you covered if you’re uncertain about when Heroic Chronicles Of The Three Continents chapter 19 will be available.


Chapter 19 of the Heroic Chronicles of the Three Continents has not yet been released, according to the author. However, if we examine the earlier chapters and their publication dates, we notice a pattern that is very typical. The final chapter of this Manhwa was published on September 3, 2022. The second prior chapter, which we may go back to now, was published on August 27, 2022. This demonstrates a seven-day delay between the release date.

According to this data, we may assume that this Manhwa’s next episode will be released on September 10th, 2022. You may check the manhwa’s various websites to see when new chapters are published, and we’ll update it for you when they do.


The release time of Heroic Chronicles Of The Three Continents chapter 19 is as follows:

Pacific Time: 8:30 AM PDT

Central Time: 10:30 AM PDT

Indian Time: 6:00 PM IST

Japan Time: 5:30 AM JST

You can check the date and the time in order to confirm that the manhwa has already been released. The time might vary from region to region but you should always convert the aforementioned time to your country’s or area’s time.


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The action in the show is clearly its strongest point because it primarily serves to display the protagonist’s incredible strength and talent. The fundamental appeal of the fights in the series is comparable to the attractiveness of a video game, much like the progression system from which he derives his power. The same wonderful sensation that comes from playing a hack-and-slash game like Devil May Cry or God of War is experienced while seeing Jin-Woo chop through waves of adversaries or destroy a formidable boss in the most spectacular manner imaginable. The enormous spectacle of the battle itself provides the enjoyment instead of the task, and it is SO ADDICTIVE!!


Hercule is a boy who was raised as a successor to the declining Lemuria empire. Hercule has been crowned as the new Emperor of the empire, which is on the verge of being destroyed by the previous emperor, but in fact he has a secret that no one knows about…? This is the story of a young emperor who becomes the savior of the Lemuria empire and the champion of the three continents.


  1. Some Chinese webtoons are just disgusting. I’m tired of seeing webtoon authors have the male MC r*pes/s*xually a**ault the female MC. Then she can’t call the police because the male MC is a CEO of some big company and is also the commander of some military army. Then, the male MC has some creepy obsession with the female MC and eventually get married and the female MC forgets about it and starts to love him. It’s stupid, it sends a bad message, and the concept is so overused it’s laughable. Why can’t the woman just admit it’s wrong instead of giving up and submitting to him? I even saw a bunch of ads for a webtoon that literally showcased the female MC being r*ped. That’s why most of the webtoons I read are Korean (except they take quite a while to be translated).
  2. Most webtoons are cliche. Most webtoons I see have a cliche start where the male MC and female MC don’t like each other then start to love each other. It’s very overused but these webtoons seem to be the most popular.
  3. Webtoon authors seriously need to research more about the facts about their webtoon. Look, I’m not saying their webtoon have to be realistic but c’mon. I’m reading a webtoon where the MC’s college is literally run by a “cool” popular kids club that’s ran by the UN… The UN doesn’t do that, and they don’t have the power, nor desire to worry about a college full of rich, spoiled brats of CEOs, prime ministers, presidents, commanders, generals etc.
  4. Webtoons need to start being more realistic. Not every woman and man who encounter each other start to have romantic feelings for each other. Opposite gender best friends that stay best friends are practically unheard of in webtoon. They almost always get married in the end. In nearly every romantic webtoon, the male MC gets jealous of their partner interacting with male characters. That’s just unrealistic, dumb, and creepy. If any woman in real life had a partner like that, they’d run for the hills. Also, an MC doesn’t have the power to win every battle. They can lose sometimes.
  5. Webtoon characters need to stop being treated like gods. Why is it that everytime an MC comes in everyone around them goes like “Oh my gosh! That’s him/her! He/She is literally the bachelor of the whole world and he/she never lost a battle in her life. Also, he/she is flawless in every aspect. lists unrealistic achievements only a god could do
  6. Women in webtoons need to stop being saved by the male MCs. Look, every character is going to need some help at times. But it’s always the male MCs that help the female MCs. I’ve never come across any manhwa/webtoon where another woman saves the woman or the men get saved by the women. Women are almost always portrayed as badass characters… but they need help from men in circumstances they can get out of themselves.
  7. Men in webtoon need to stop being portrayed as j***s. Male MCs that are j***s are normally still being admired of by their people/colleagues/relatives. If they acted like that in real life, I’m sure they’d be fired, scoffed at, disowned, and exposed online. You can’t seriously think they’d win in real life right? There was one Chinese webtoon that actually struck me as original. The male MC is actually nice to people and not a j***! But that’s a rarity.
  8. Line webtoon has the best but most boring webtoons. The plots are actually great, fresh, and original. But what turns me off is when their plots are often slow. I get that it needs an introduction but what makes people stay is the start of a story. If your start is just going to be slow/very predictable then how do we know that the rest isn’t going to be slow/predictable either?
  9. We. Need. To. Start. Boycotting. Certain. Webtoons. I can’t believe the amount of messed up webtoons are out there. If these characters in these webtoons actually existed they would be exposed and belittled online, and their businesses would fail. I remember reading a webtoon which had an egoistic male MC that is of course, rich and liked to mistreat, bully, blackmail, and s*xally a**ault the female MC. And one person protested in the comments about their disbelief and disgust in this webtoon and people actually had the audacity to say “iT’s JusT a WeBTOoN cAlM dOWn!1!!1”. No you 10 year olds. This is disgusting and shouldn’t be accepted.

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