Bentley Batur revealed, preview design language for brands electric future

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Bentley has now unveiled its next bespoke project, a coupe known as Batur, in the wake of the success of 2020’s Bacalar convertible, which has nearly finished its 12-car manufacturing run.

The Batur, a sizable grand touring coupe built on the chassis of the Continental GT Speed and unveiled late on Saturday during Monterey Car Week in 2022, acts as a link between Bentley’s internal-combustion past and electric future.

The Bacalar was given its name after a lagoon in Mexico, and the Batur gets its name from Bali’s Lake Batur. Under the hood is Bentley’s well-known twin-turbo 6.0-liter W-12 engine. This application’s engine is modified to produce 730 horsepower and 740 pound-feet of torque, the highest output of any road-going Bentley. The W-12 will eventually be phased out by Bentley, therefore the Batur is a tribute to the engine.

Based on the Conti GT Speed, the vehicle sports a sport-tuned chassis that includes a limited-slip differential, an electronic anti-roll system, four-wheel steering, and four-corner air suspension.

The Batur not only serves as a send-off for the W-12 but also provides a sneak peek at the design language Bentley will use for its next electric cars, the first of which will be unveiled in 2025. According to Bentley, the new design incorporates traditional features in simpler but more striking forms.

While the lights at both ends are thinner than what we’re used to seeing on a Bentley, the grille is lower and more upright. You’ll also notice that there is significantly less of the flashy chrome that modern Bentleys typically have. Instead, there are novel aerodynamic components composed of sustainable natural fibers like flax and, in certain cases, carbon fiber.

There is seating for two inside, and once again, the design was created with sustainability in mind. For instance, rather than coming from Italy, the leather is acquired from regions close to Bentley’s manufacturing in the United Kingdom, such as Scotland. Additionally manufactured from recycled resources, the carpet uses natural fiber rather than carbon on some of the surfaces. Customers will have a selection of accents made from materials like gold and titanium.

The design was created by Andreas Mindt, who started working for Bentley in early 2021 as its new design leader. The Bentley Hunaudières idea, which was gorgeous, was also created by Mindt in 1999, thus the brand’s design development is in capable hands.

Customers will be able to pick the color and finish of nearly every surface of the Batur, which will be produced by Bentley’s in-house coachbuilder, Mulliner. There are only going to be 18 made, with prices starting at 1.65 million British pounds, or roughly $1.95 million. Deliveries are expected to begin in the middle of 2023.

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