All Tower Of Fantasy Launch Events And Rewards

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The free-to-play sci-fi MMO title, Tower of Fantasy, from Hotta Studio, launches globally on 11th August 2022

There is a handful of Tower of Fantasy global launch events, which Wanderers can participate in for great rewards

As players across the globe arrive at the Astra Shelter for the first time on 8th August 2022 at 02:00 BST, the developers have prepared some Tower of Fantasy launch events to participate in

These Tower of Fantasy launch events feature rewards such as weapons, limited-edition cosmetics, resources, rare draw vouchers, and much more

The Tower of Fantasy launch event rewards will make the journey of Wanderers on the planet of Aida a more fulfilling experience

ToF Starpath Navigation Event

A Permanent event that lasts for 21 days after character creation.

ToF Pre-registration Milestone Event

Available Time: 2022/08/11 02:00~2023/02/06 23:00

ToF Pioneer’s Gift Event

Event Time: 2022/08/11 02:00~2022/08/31 23:00

ToF Nemesis Limited Cache Event

Event Time: 2022/08/11 02:00~2022/08/31 23:00

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